Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The Tibetan Buddhists have a charming story about several men standing in different positions round a lake in which the full moon is reflected. One man says it looks like a poached egg, another declares that it looks like a silver dollar, yet another something different again.
Each one had a separate and disparate view of the reflection. Of course he did; he was looking at it from a different perspective. All were looking at the reflection ignoring the moon itself shining away in the sky, beautiful luminosity - quite probably they would have had differing views of that as well.
This is an example of how people differ in what they see. Think of the Japanese film Rashamon which illustrates the varying views of several people witnessing the same accident. Hence this book can only be Hetty's view, after all she has no other - so some people will argue 'It was not like that at all'. For which she can only apologise.


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