Monday, February 12, 2007

the song of angus of the brugh

when the world was young, beloveds, the bear people came to wales and stayed there teaching the ancient magic and singing the world songs. after some time they resolved to return to the sky.

Collage by Tim Barnes
one of their number however was a lady called rhiannon who had the charm over the birds, she had become enamored of a wandering minstral called angus of the brugh and together they had made the child phriddri. so being settled like she told her sister bloddwyth who was made from flowers as was she, that she would to stay where she lived with angus of the brugh beside the lake.

after some argument this was what she did, waved good bye to her brothers from the sky and settled down to be happy. they were for a while until angus of the brugh got tangled up in his harp strings and died, not in battle nor yet in his bed, so there was some mystery there.

the elders came along and took four year old phriddri away for his learning. rhiannon sang angus of the brughs' songs and travelled around as you will hear for she heard much and observed many goings on ....

All Photographs by Ira Cohen


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