Thursday, February 22, 2007

happy tibetan new year from hetty and ossian

etching by Hetty MacLise

It is a true blessing to have a pig year, because, nothing is too much to ask for a pig. They are loyal, humanitarian, charitable, and able to keep secrets, because they take friendships very seriously. Therefore, there will be gentleness, integrity and discretion, and we should try to keep a sense of humour at all times, as well as being as intellectual as possible, strong-willed, pure and hardworking, but please people, do not expect huge successes in the hard business world.

Be sincere, loving, truthful, and non-competitive, in short, good people, be respectful, and upstanding members of your community. Understand peoples soft loving natures and try not to criticize people for sometimes being naive, defenceless and insecure. In Tibetan, it is called 'Phak-lo.'

Be careful of the years, of anything to do with the years 1929, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, and 2001. To take notice for the positive years in combination for this year, 1928 & '29, 1938 & '39, 1948 & '49, 1958 & '59, 1968 & '69, 1978 & '79, 1988 & '89, 1998 & '99, and we wish you all the very best.


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