Tuesday, January 30, 2007


LIFE IN A NANOSECOND. The dancing girl won the prize. what it was we will never know, she did not even get a bouquet, got fireworks though and manic cheering.
the pink ghost and the artful dodger walked the long walk in silence.
the garden statue was united with his wife
the montana man admitted to acting a part all the time, well those cigars were a give away

the clown got cheers and was sweet

then there was silence. after all that fuss. no news at all. a snow out. full of echoing menace.
andy said that everyone got 15 minutes of fame but this was not one even..
today it ended :
earlier in the play there had been three other girls
a rough tough cockney
aspiring model
anglo saxon looking bathrobe
there had been a cat fight over oxo cubes , and words had been flung about.
the upshot was fury round the world.
the fatal word
had been insinuated.
all three now under a very heavy hammer.
shown all footage in a locked room alone, then interogated in camera.
they are all crying their eyes out
the montana man came on a staid breakfast show as himself.
the bathrobe in red histerics on a flashier one
so the cracks are begining to show, and show they will
because the news is so fastly moving these days that
plots can be lost
in a puff of wind


Blogger V said...

I have come across your blog due to the rhyme "When I was one I was just begun..." ... and found myself reading on and thoroughly appreciating what felt like a marvelous book I forgot I owned.

Poem echoes of familiar pieces I have jotted... something soothing in the voice you write with. Very, very much appreciated. I am happy to have stumbled into something online worth stumbling into. Cheers!

January 20, 2010 at 9:26 PM  

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